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Be intellectual craftsman to be professional

Our attorneys have each professional practice area and strive to provide meticulous legal service by seeing through national and regional issues on our international perspective.

We believe that collaborating with attorneys who study the same area and participating in their discussions could give us a broader range of insight in order to enhance the abilities of each practice area.
Connecting with other attorneys such as belonging to the expert committees of bar associations, reviewing national issues in Japan Federation of Bar Associations to take part in cutting-edge discussions, as well as exchanging and sharing knowledge gained through the extensive programs from international bar assosiations, would be the fundamental activities to offer our clients more solid and up-to-dated experience, knowledge and information.
Taking the stock of academic research and political trends, - those are necessary to develop our professional skills on top of having our practical views and we know that law professors conduct their research from their deeper and broader points of view in each field. We aim to provide our qualified legal service based on academic approach upon our deep respect for what they have done and our practical value that we currently have.
We generate the best solution in such a wide range of perspectives beyond our practical study by joining the discussion of the study group organised by legal professors as well as attending the academic conference and international symposium.
It is also integral to be aware of the corresponding area peripheral to the business in order to solve legal issues, which needs to conduct an appropriate cooperation with the related professionals, as the quote says “horses for courses.”
We integrate our service in total by building a wide network upon each case to collaborate with reliable partners (other professionals, administrative institutions, financial institutions, private companies, medical personnel, welfare and long-term care personnel, etc.)
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Our office
Osanbashi Pier LPC.
Yuji Nemoto
201B Park Court yamasita-koen, 30-1, Yamashitacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0023, Japan
+81 45-211-5160
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Yuji Nemoto
Admitted to the bar
Japan in 2014
Kanagawa Bar Association
Japanese, English
Yuji Nemoto
Admitted to the bar
Japan in 2014
Kanagawa Bar Association
Japanese, English

Waseda University (LL.B.)

Waseda University (LL.M.)

Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Committee Member on the Center of Assisting Rights for the Disabled and Older People (Present post)

Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Deputy director on the Trust Center (2019-present)

Kanagawa Bar Association, Deputy director on Operating division of Adult Guardianship Center (2018-present)

Kanagawa Bar Association, Committee member on the Rights of the Elderly and Disabled Persons (present)

Kanagawa Bar Association, Permanent member (FY2017)

Kanagawa Bar Association, Member on Anti-monopoly law study

Books and research papers

Co-authorship, “Anti-monopoly law and Sub-contract law - Judgement standard upon violation based on multiple cases and practical note” (Published by Dai-ichi hoki Co., Ltd. 2019)

Co-authorship, “ a simple and compact guide book of entrusting terminology and act” (Published by Dai-ichi hoki Co., Ltd. 2020)

Research papers

Judicial precedent and annotation, “The case being judged the context of holograph will as testamentary trust, adjustment at the Tokyo high court in October 19, 2016” (Published by Nihon Kajo Publications Co., Ltd. 2019)

Co-authorship, “Marketable securities managed as trust assets - practical note upon compiling trust agreement” The trust forum No.14 (Published by Nihon Kajo Publications Co., Ltd. 2020)

Co-authorship, "Trust Contract Model Clause Examples (1)-(5)" Hanrei Times No.1483-No.1487 (Published by HANREI TIMES Co., Ltd. 2021)

"Issues upon asset management, execusion of shareholder rights, and appointment of directors from the perspective of comparison between guardianship system and civil trust ~ From the perspective of post life after having the parents gone during 100 years of lifetime ~ "
70-year memorial collection of Professor Makoto Arai "The practice, the utilization and the promotion of adult guardianship and civil trust" (Published by Nihon Kajo Publications Co., Ltd. 2021)

Academic conference

Japan Association of the Law of Trust, Japan Adult Guardianship Law Corporate Association, etc

Other activities

Tokyo investigative commission of social security precedents (Waseda University),

Research committee of civil affairs trust (Chuo University), Research committee of Elder Law (Yokohama National University),

Research committee of Elder Law (Yokohama National University),

Assistance teaching staff at Waseda Law School (Disability Law clinic)


Cherish our relationship

I believe that people are co-existing with mutual support.

When I was little, I was especially a granddaddy’s child and liked going to see fire trucks and horses with him.
Then I found that he really cared about cherishing his relationing - that is how I do value it as well.
Thankfully I’ve lately been getting offered more from business owners, the elderly, and the disabled people, we are grateful to answer any questions under our consideration towards your grandparents and family.

While I sometimes deliver the lectures on adult guardianship systems and civil trusts, I also feel the connection with you through listening to the situation. We, each attorney in our farm, strive to achieve the best solution as well as be a trustful attorney through cherishing our connections with every client.